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The European example of successful cooperation of associations

Little League bowling hanging contest the defenders and it is the only official league bowling hanging in Croatia. Awards were presented to the best in Bjelovar by the Deputy Prefect of Bjelovar-Bilogora Durdica Ištef Benšić. For the third time in a row, the winners are the players HVIDR TOPUSKO so that was given them, and transitional cup in permanent ownership. Assembly Little League bowling hanging central Croatian was held at Central Bjelovar 29 November 2014. This was the reporting and electoral assembly members league as the time period of four years for the convocation of the body Little League bowling hanging. Anthony Pintar, league president, said that this was the sixth season of the league, which is the same as the previous completed successfully without any problems or complaints team. The only problems were working bad weather, but we know what was this year at the time. But with a lot of effort and understanding all the competitors still completed without delay or cancellation. Organizing everything was successful, which is not easy because competing 12 teams, and in some places they played two rounds at a time. From this year's League under the auspices of the Croatian Olympic Committee. Pintar pointed out that some people are still not clear how this league works so well, though still regarded as "wild" and the fact that self-finance. For President in the next four-year period was re-elected Anthony Pintar, the two Vice-Presidents are elected Bozidar Bakšaj and Mladen Čmarec. The Supervisory Board elected Luka Zivko, Petar Rajic and Dear Uremović. Secretary of the elected Mate Corak. It was also decided that the presidency of the delegates of one representative of each team, which will be made by the beginning of next season.

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